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Name (¶) URL Type Access Parent
Baton Rouge highway discussion URL Other 2014-01-23
Client Object Model URL Article Pending MSDN
Emergency contraception’ increases STD rates, does not reduce abortions URL Article 2012-12 December
FBI Crime Statistics URL Article 2013-01 January
Find (Wikipedia) URL Article 2013-10 Wikipedia
Gas bags URL Article 2013-01-13
Homicide rates have dropped steadily in U.S. URL Article 2013-01 January
Homosexual Lifestyle Strongly Linked to Depression, Suicide URL Article 2013-03-26
Homosexuals Twice as Likely to Seek Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment URL Article 2013-03-26
How To Make Museums More Inviting For Kids With Autism URL Article Pending
I Will Not Be Pinkwashed URL Article 2012-10 October
If You Want a Personal Relationship With Jesus, Become a Catholic URL Article 2012-10-13
jQuery word cloud (search) URL Search Queries
Leading Geeks - Free Downloads URL Link List 2012-09-02
Let's simplify legal jargon! URL Video/Presentation 2012-09-04 TED
Lexicon Valley URL Audio Stream Pending Audio
Liberal Hate URL Link List 2013-01-13 Twitchy
Libertarianism is still incoherent on abortion URL Article 2013-08-30
Life-saving devices: Designing for people, rather than accolades URL Video/Presentation 2013-02-21 TED
LinkedIn status search: "hiring .Net developers" URL Link List 2012-09-06
Making a car for blind drivers URL Video/Presentation 2012-09-18 TED
Making SharePoint Social URL Article Pending
Managing Teams URL Video/Presentation Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS)
Mock object (Wikipedia) URL Reference/Encyclopedia Pending Wikipedia
MongoDB Basics for .NET by Example URL
MSDN Blogs: Office Interoperability URL MSDN
MSDN Web Services homepage URL Link List Pending MSDN
Multiparadigmatic .NET URL Article MSDN
.Net Garbage Collector URL Article Pending MSDN
Not Fooling Anybody URL Other 2012-09 September
od URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2013-12-17
page-break-inside URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2014-03-26
Pandora Feedback Portal URL Other 2013-10
Parallelism in .NET URL
Parts of a Business Letter URL Article 2013-01-25
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture URL Link List 2014-04-29 Martin Fowler
Pitfalls and Pointers for a Base Logging Class in EF Models URL
PL/pgSQL (Wikipedia) URL Reference/Encyclopedia Pending Wikipedia
Plumbing contractors in Hammond (BBB) URL Link List 2014-04-17
PolitiFact "Lie of the Year" turns out to be true URL Article 2013-01-20
PostgreSQL Matching Functions URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2014-05-15 PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL String Functions URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2014-03-26 PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Window Functions URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2014-05-01 PostgreSQL
Principles behind the Agile Manifesto URL
Reclaiming Science from Darwinism URL Product Listing 2013-11-28
Regular Expression Library URL
Reliable Messaging with MSMQ and .NET URL Article Pending
Repository Pattern (Microsoft) URL Article Pending
Roget's Thesaurus - Outline Top URL Link List
Rule Markup Initiative URL
Rules to Better Interfaces URL Article 2012
Scalable, Long-Running Workflows with AppFabric URL
Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains URL Article 2012-12 December
Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war URL Video/Presentation 2012-09-04
Sexual Difference URL
SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Overview URL Video/Presentation
SharePoint Developer Training URL Link List Pending
SharePoint Workflows URL Video/Presentation
SHOW COLUMNS syntax URL Reference/Encyclopedia 2014-05
SignMaker URL Other 2013-08-03
Sign-making resources URL Other 2014-02-20
SoapClient class URL Article 2013-09-05 PHP
Social Good, Inc. URL Video/Presentation 2014-01-16
Social Media's Revolution URL
sp_add_job URL Article 2013-07-09
sp_add_jobstep URL Article 2013-07-09
Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008 URL Video/Presentation
SQL Server Blitz URL
SQL Server Central Stairways series URL Link List
SQL Server Extended Events URL SQL Server
SQL Server Performance Tuning Made Easy URL Video/Presentation
SQL Server Secrets URL Video/Presentation 2012-08-17
SQL Server Team Blog URL
SQL Tuning - Get it Right the First Time URL Video/Presentation
SSIS Tricks URL Video/Presentation
SSW Rules to Better Interfaces URL Article 2012
Stact URL
Stairway to MDX URL Article
Stairway to Server-Side Tracing URL Article Pending
Stairway to SQL Server Indexes URL Article
Stairway to SSIS URL Article
Stairway to SSRS URL Article
Stairway to StreamInsight URL Article
Stairway to Transaction Log Management in SQL Server URL Article
State of .Net - 2010-12 URL Video/Presentation
State of .Net - November 2009 URL Video/Presentation
Structuring the Information About a Concept URL Article 2014-04-29
Taco Bake URL Article 2013-04-28
Taking your business forward with Modern apps URL Video/Presentation
Task Parallel Dataflow Library (TDF) [ URL] Task Parallel Library
Terrorism is a failed brand URL Video/Presentation 2012-10-13
Testing of Asp.Net Applications URL Article 2013-04 April
TGDN Stuck-at-2000 List URL Other 2013-01-12
That's not repetition, Pandora listeners, it's science URL Article 2013-10-17
The Bible re Welfare URL Article 2014-01-18
The Creative Spark URL Video/Presentation 2013-05-22
The Happy Secret to Better Work URL Video/Presentation 2013-03-06
The MEAN Stack URL Article 2013-05-15
The Missing White Voters of 2012 URL Article 2013-06-29
The Myth of Catholic Irrationality URL Article 2012-11-28
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