Apologies to Yogi Berra for stealing his line, but I may be on to something. Consider this list of businesses that have failed on Amb. Caffery, especially the congested stretch between Congress St. and Kaliste Saloom Rd:

Back Yard Burgers, Bennigan's, Bistro Byronz, Burger King, Godfather's Pizza, KFC, Kmart, Krispy Kreme, Krystal, Lone Star Steakhouse, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Ryan's, Sonny's BBQ, Steak & Ale, Tilted Kilt, Tortilla Soup.

And I'd keep an eye on the following: Arby's, O'Charley's, Whataburger.

Consider this one site in front of Ambassador Row:


I dub this "Ambassador Death Row." At top right is 3511 Amb. Caffery, which housed Bennigan's and Tilted Kilt. At center, you can see the sites of Steak & Ale and Lone Star Steakhouse at center. At lower right, the now-closed Burger King. Ambassador Row was itself once home to Godfather's Pizza. Good luck to Mattress Firm, which opened their first Lafayette store in a new building at the Steak & Ale site.

My theory is that because traffic is so bad, people are just disgusted with the area and just want to get in and get out. This is particularly bad news for restaurants. People will go to the mall or the big-box retailers, but they won't eat in this area.