Here's the story: In 2004, Lafayette's Congressional district came open for the first time in several years. The first major candidate to announce was David Thibodaux, a professor at the Unviersity of Louisiana. Thibodaux had run for the seat multiple times before, as early as 1986. The vacancy gave him his best opportunity of all to take the seat. And early polls showed that he had a good chance of taking the seat.

However, the Republican establishment in Lafayette didn't like David Thibodaux. So early in the campaign, a new candidate emerged: Charles Boustany, a surgeon who had recently retired due to arthritis, a first-time candidate for public office, and a child of one of Lafayette's most prominent and successful families. The Republican machine quickly moved to endorse Boustany and drive their resources to his campaign, and to marginalize Thibodaux. The unsurprsing result was the election of Boustany.

Boustany would not face meaninful opposition again until 2012. Louisiana lost a Congressional seat after the 2010 census due to population loss. The redrawn districts put Rep. Jeff Landry into Boustany's district.

In the meantime, I left Lafayette in 2004 to take jobs elsewhere. I would not actually live in Boustany's district until 2010. I have never voted for him, and have no intention of doing so. In 2010, I came to know about Jeff Landry through a cousin of mine who worked on his campaign. I adopted him as my surrogate Congressman. When it was announced that Louisiana would lose a seat due to population losses, I figured immediately that this race would occur. I resolved then to be involved in the Landry campaign.

In my opinion, Boustany is a type of the politician that is what is wrong with Washington. He is a man of the party, not of the people. I have learned that Boustany was not respected as a surgeon and received his business through people he knew. Not surprising that he would enter politics in the same manner. His record is unimpressive. Nobody outside of Lousiana talks about Boustany as being a leader in Congress. Thus it should not surprise that Boustany's 2012 campaign has been among the worst foisted upon this area—a barrage of attacks on Jeff Landry cherry-picked from the facts as benefits Boustany, most out of proper context and many grossly misleading. He simply could not run on his record. Furthermore, Boustany's constituency is loaded with special-interest groups, wealthy land and business interests (what I mockingly call "Bales of Hay for Boustany"), and an intriguing presence among Lafayette's Lebanese families that offers a reason for his soft support for Israel. Finally, there's an odd connection between Boustany and the Obama vote in Lafayette, including ballots and a radio segment that promote Obama and Boustany on the same ticket.

P.S. On Election Day 2012, I predicted that if Boustany loses the Congressional race, that he will challenge Sen. Mary Landrieu when her term expires in 2014.