My response to the article My last ten burials/funerals with “Fr. Strangelove” on the Bellarmine Forum.

Here's how we defuse the demographic bomb.

First, we must be pro-life without compromise or apology. We must condemn the assault on human life at all levels. We must stand up to and confront Presidents, Congresspeople, judges, governors, and state legislators who condone, vote in support of or even praise abortion and infanticide. We must also evangelize our friends and family with the logical and scientific truths about abortion.

Second, we must attack the culture head-on. Our culture has discarded character, virtue, and the concept of the family. Instead, our culture promotes personality, consumption, and self-gratification. The culture is rotting, and this rot has infected all too many Catholics and other Christians. This rot has given us a host of evils: not just moral rot like abortion, contraception, extramarital sex, celebration of sexual debauchery, et cetera; but also political and economic rot: a President who ignores the Constitutional limits of his office; a Congress that writes enormous, unreadable legislation, and passes such legislation without little public input and with little comprehension of said legislation of its own; a judiciary that rules per political norms or agendas, not the constitutions they are tasked with upholding.

And of course, we must pray. However, we must stop substituting prayer for action.