I recently saw a graphic chiding some Christians for claiming that God will curse America for abortion and same-sex marriage. This graphic considered that America should be cursed for conquering native peoples and enslaving Africans. I must ask, if those conquests hadn't happened, would the person who made the graphic and the person who is sharing it even exist in the first place?

This also got me thinking that perhaps abortion and same-sex marriage are the curse on America. You reap what you sow, and America has been sowing the seeds of sexual disaster for half a century.

Since the disastrous reelection of Barack Obama, I have pondered God's "blessings" on America. And I find myself wondering if the dreadful events of this young century show the hand of God working to curse America.

Consider these events that resulted in Barack Obama being elected to a second term despite his disastrous record and arrogance:

  • Rick Santorum's daughter becoming sick right, forcing him to abandon his campaign for President right as it was gaining momentum.
  • Todd Akin's and Richard Mourdock's unfortunate statements bringing unneeded consternation to the American right during the election.
  • Hurricane Sandy one week before the election.
  • McCain voters staying home instead of voting for Mitt Romney.

Consider these events that have resulted in Obamacare becoming the "law of the land":

  • Both Houses of Congress and the Presidency fill up with low-character seeking government control of large swaths of American life and no scruples against voting for a bill that they haven't even read completely, much less fully understand.
  • A Supreme Court justice with a conservative voting record votes to uphold Obamacare, contributing to a majority opinion that makes little sense vis-a-vis the Constitution.
  • An opposition-party House of Representatives, elected by voters as a rebuke of the Congress that passed the law, which passes numerous bills to repeal the law, knowing that the Senate leader will refuse to act on them, yet refuses to use its Constitutional power to defund the law.

And consider these points of evidence:

  • During the government shutdown of October 2013 (in which only 17% of the government was actually shut down), the administration acted unilaterally in several ways to cause pain and punish the country. The Republican-controlled House presented several bills to fund the government. The Senate leader refused to bring those bills to the Senate floor for debate and a vote, making him solely responsible for the perpetuation of the shutdown. Yet the major media uniformly blamed Republicans for the shutdown.
  • When the clock ticked down to the debt-limit deadline of October 17, Republican leadership in both the House and Senate capitulated, surrendering their power over the purse to the President and virtually ensuring that the federal government will continue to gorge on borrowed money.

Did God allow these events to take place to curse America?