I abhor applying labels to people.

I refuse to use the word "gay" to mean homosexual. Do all people who experience same-sex attraction do it in the same way? Is it not an insult to their individuality to slap this label on them and apply it collectively. Even worse is the label "LGBT," a dreadful attempt to group together and de-individualize a group of individuals.

Some in the pro-life movement think that we should discontinue the term "pro-life" and instead refer to ourselves as "anti-abortion." We must oppose such a push. Being pro-life is much more than being against abortion. Being pro-life also means opposing euthanasia, infanticide, gerontocide, suicide. For some, being pro-life means opposing the death penalty. For some, being pro-life means opposing the culture that devalues human life and working to increase respect for human life. Many pro-lifers, particularly Catholics, oppose birth control.