From "Do the Right Thing at the Right Time," Wired, October 2012.

6-7am Wake up.
7-8am Eat.
7-9am Train. Lower body temperature makes morning ideal for endurance workouts.
7am-12pm Don't push it. Blood pressure rises in the morning.
9am-12pm Run the numbers. Tackle tasks that require quick processing.
12pm-8pm Go and do.
2-3pm Nap. Alertness and strength wane.
3-6pm Study info to retain. Long-term memory is stronger.
3-7pm Compete. Body temperature, flexibility, physical strength, speed all peak. Breathing is easiest. Pain tolerance is highest.
4-6pm Have sex. Sperm is speedier and more concentrated.
8-10pm "Second wind." Mental alertness returns.
10pm-6am Sleep. Melatonin production increases.