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A function call of the form $(<string>), or the value returned by such a call.

Related Terms

<elementSelector>.attr("disabled", true) Disable one or more elements.

<elementSelector>.data() Return all of the data values ("data-<key>" attributes) for the selected element(s).

<elementSelector>.data(<key>) Retrieve the value of the "data-<key>" attribute for the selected element(s).

<elementSelector>.data(<key>,<value>) Store <value> in the element's "data-<key>" attribute.

<elementSelector>.load(<url>,<data>,<callback>) Load data from the location specified by <url>, passing optional <data> as parameters, and place the returned HTML into the matched element(s). Once done, execute optional <callback>.

<elementSelector>.off() Remove all event handlers that were added to the selected elements.

<elementSelector>.on("click", function (e) { <statements> }) Create a click event for one or more elements.

<elementSelector>.submit(<handler>) Bind an event handler to the "submit" JavaScript event.


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