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99% Thinking

Most of those who criticize the mythical "1%" have little or no concept of what it actually takes to become part of the top 1%. If they understood what it takes to become successful, they would work to join them, not attack them as they foolishly do.

The 1%

Regarding the so-called "1%": I wonder how it feels to be both Barack Obama's bogeyman and the primary benefactor of Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Wealth and progressivism

The super-wealthy tend to embrace progressive ideas and causes because they lose touch with the realities of life. They become financially and culturally detached from the real problems that the less-successful continue to deal with regularly. Because they have succeeded at their own endeavors, they think that grand institutions (particularly government and technology) can solve all of the world''s problems. Also, their wealth and prestige buys them association with other elites.


How the 1% Feels
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